Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Cousin!

My cousin Athena. She always has her bushy hair tied in a bun, She is tall and loves to tease me about being short. One thing that is kind of embarrassing for me is that she loves to wear her socks and Jandals. If it wasn't for my Nana she would properly live in them.

The most annoying thing about my cousin is that she is very loud. Even when your right next to her its like shes screaming at you.  Another thing that I don't like about her is that she loves to sleep every morning and I have to wake her up to tell her to get ready.

One of her favourite hobbies are rugby. The thing she likes most about rugby is that we get to tackle people. She also loves to EAT! Even when shes not hungry she will eat it like she cant stop. One of the only things we have in common is that were always laughing even when a joke is dry we laugh! we practically laugh at anything.

We always get in trouble when we argue.I always tease her and she always hits me. “Are you stupid” are one of my nana’s most common sentences.  She always says that to us to make us keep quiet but it just makes us laugh.

Even though we may argue and tease each other we are still family and are more like sisters than cousins!