Friday, October 22, 2010

Totara Springs

My favourite part of the year has always been the holidays. No work just going places and sleeping in.

This holiday I was fortunate enough to go to a camp named Totara Springs with our Riverside club. On the way there I was so excited to do all the activities from last year again.

When we arrived at camp the first thing we did was go to our cabins. Georgia and Tapunu’u(our leaders) got us organised.

he next thing we did was go to the lecture theatre. As we entered I saw everyone and thought it was going to be a hard competition this year. Every year at Totara Springs there is a competition you have to sit up and be good to collect fake money and who ever gets the most wins. Pt England is well known because all of our teams won last year(senior and a junior girls and boys).After that we went back to the cabins we worked on our booklets(gives you points) so that we can defend our title as best cabin at prize giving.

After that we went back to the cabins we worked on our booklets(gives you points) so that we can defend our title as best cabin at prize giving.It was the next day it was time for the things I don’t like at camp devos(devotions). They introduced the new speaker for our camp. His name was captain Eric. He was really cool and fasinating because he used magic to make it interesting to learn about god.

It was finally time for our prize giving we were so nervous. Everyone quickly went to the lecture theatre. They said thank you to a couple of people and then it was time to see if we had defended our title as best senior girls cabin. They announced the junior girls first as the camp co-ordinator said “it goes to Pt England“ all of us started cheering. They were finally announcing who won out of the senior girls. We were so nervous we crossed our fingers as they said Pt England school all our teams stood jumped up and started cheering. It was time for the junior and senior boy to hear if they won. Obviously Pt England came out on to again defending our title as best cabins. At the end of the night we sang to the lord for the last time at camp as the next day it was time to go.

My favourite part of camp was GYOB!!(get your own back) it is when you are aloud to put mud, water and other yuck stuff on our leaders the best thing is that I got to tackle my principal (Mr Burt ). I cant wait until I go next year!!


After five weeks of practising we finally had the chance to show off our talent to our to families. As I heard Mr Burt shout out “Welcome everybody to Pt England school’s 2010 Fia Fia night!”I was so nervous. I was in Rm 17 watching every one’s performances. There performances were awesome.

We were nearly up I was even more nervous then before. While we were waiting on the side I could hear the choirs beautiful singing as the crowd happily sang along. It was Glee’s turn to go up and perform I had a mixed bag. I stood there waiting for the bell when I heard my family shout out “GO BOBBI!”. I wasn’t nervous when I started performing but I could still feel does butterflies. My favourite part of Glee’s act was when we did our final song because it gave everyone in the glee group a chance to show of there moves.

Our Fia Fia night was amazing and jamed packed with dancing,singing and acting. I hope all the families that came had a blast. I can’t wait until next year’s production!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jesse Martin's amazing solo journey

When Jesse Martin was 17 he set sail to be the youngest person to sail the globe. His dream was amazing and he was amazing and he was very determined to accomplish it.

Jesse Martin was born was born in the back of a Kombi van on the outside of Munich on August 26,1981. His parents names are Louise and Kan. His parents were hippies when they separated. Jesse and his younger brother beau lived with the mum.

Growing up Jesse Martin was like each other person with a lot of dreams. Surprisingly sailing wasn’t one of them until he was thirteen. Everyone thought he was crazy. His meteorologist(the branch of science concerned with the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere) Roger Badham told him to call David Adams to see if he would change his mind but it only him wont to go even more.

On December the 8th 1998 Jesse Martin set sail on his journey as 20,000 people watch him leave.When he wassailing he didnt have any clue for how to work the sails. When he was departure his attempt but it didn’t start until Port Philips Heads.

Jesse went on his trip early for two reasons. Its because a man named David Dicks might break the record before he dose. Also so he could come back before his birthday.

Jesse’s journey was amazing and packed with adventure and not much shower. Jesse came back to Australia on the 5th of January 1999. It took 328 days.

Jesse was a great sailer that believed that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. I hope there will be a lot more teen mariners like him!!