Wednesday, June 29, 2011

history of the camera

This week our class was given a task to research about anything having to do with technology that has developed over time and is now useful to a lot of people. I decided to do research on the camera.

I have discovered that John Strognofe was the inventor of the first camera. He was born on the 15Th of April in 1481 and he invented the first camera 1685.The invention was created in USA. He created it so that he could capture an event in time.

Today cameras have developed a lot sense then cameras have become more and more advanced. Know they are portable and last longer. They also have better mega pixel and the pictures know have colours.

It was really hard researching about cameras because it tells you a lot of different answers. But luckily I eventually found and answer I hope that you have learnt something about cameras by reading my post!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Our tessellation

Everyone in our class had to design a tessellation. It took us a while to even figure out what a tessellation was. Me and Tamara finally worked together to finish it and this was my final product.

rugby training

Last week when all of the rugby girls gathered on our main field for our training. Unfortunately I had forgotten my training clothes. The exciting thing was that we were going to find out who was in the sevens team. Crossing my fingers I finally heard my name I was so happy!

It was time to start our training Bobbi and Miss Lagitupu(our coach’s) split us into two groups which were forwards and backs. The main part of rugby we are focusing on is tackling and quick passing. The technique we are learning for tackling is check to check.My favourite part of rugby is tackling and getting the ball.

It was the exciting part of our training we got to play a game. Unfortanetly the other team scored and easy try and then another. Our team started to get really frustrated. It was our turn with the ball we passed it down the line and it finally got to me. I started to run and when I was nearly at the try line when I got tackled. The other team got the ball at other people in my team started to really get in to tackling.

It was time to finish up I was so exhausted. Our team lost 0-3 but hopefully next time will be different. I cant wait until our next game.

My Goal!

Our class was given a task to create a stack on Hyperstudio to show our goals. I did an outside and inside goal. Unfortunately i did not complete it with in the deadline. Next time I hope I manage my time better.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fatu Feu'u

Today we have been researching about a Samoan artist named Fatu Feu’u. We have taken one of his painting and tried to turn it in to our own. I drew and observed on his paining named Pacific conference. I had finish my drawing but unfortunately it has disappeared some how. I hope I will find it.