Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TO Tolerate or to not Tolerate

We are now doing another exciting topic with Rock Our World. It is if you Tolerate our not. To tolerate is if you don't try to stop something that is happening. To not tolerate is when you see something you don't like you do something about. Now see if you can see who is Tolerating or not .                         

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Blogs Wordle

Today in extension we  learnt something really cool. Mrs Burt showed us how to go on this interesting  website name Wordle. Wordle is a website where you look at all the words on your blog to see which words you use most  often.  My words that I use most often are Blue and whale. Here is a example of one that we did today.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Why my Zinger Pinger is the best pet in the world!

My Zinger Pinger

My Zinger Pinger is the best pet in the world because when I saw her for the first time, she looked like she'd come from heaven, so I called her Nevaeh.

Now that she has grown bigger, she grants my every wish when I rub her tummy. Once, she granted my wish that dragons could come to life. It was a disaster. They started to set fire to homes, trees and even people. Our town was nearly destroyed. Luckily I could wish everything back to normal.

Nevaeh and I love going to the beach to surf. She always packs our favourite meals, like strawberry dipped in chocolate sauces and banana chips with yogurt.

She can also fly. I sit on her back and she keeps me warm by covering me with her wings.  We have been to a lot of countries. We are hoping to go to Paris this year. Her favorite country she has gone to is Japan with all the enchanting views from the mountain tops.

Today she is going on a audition for a musical. She wants to become a superstar.

Nevaeh has just text me she has made it in the audition. She also has the lead part. Their first act is in Paris. That is why my Zinger Pinger is the best pet in the world.              

                                    The End  


Thank you to this website WWW.mcgraw-hill.co.uk  for this picture

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Exciting video conference

This week on Wednesday our year 5&6 Extension class had a exciting video conference with an
famous geologist named Hamish Campbell. It was exciting to see him again. We were all nervous.

In the beginning we were a little bit shy. But as he started talking about the earthquake we started to think of some questions to ask.

When he told us about the seismometer. We showed him our one made out of paper. He was so impressed when we showed our example.
Here is a picture of some of us working on it.

Then he said about New Zealand moving 35 cm closer to Australia and lasted 30 seconds. He said it was the biggest earthquake in 87 years. But on  July 28 1976 at 3:42 am  that there was a report that at Tangshan China on the northeastern there was a magnitude of 7.8  242,000 people died. It was like the one here luckily no one died at the end.
 We really learnt a lot.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Diana for setting up this amazing video conference.
Hope we get to have another opportunity to have a video conferences with Hamish.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blue Whale Report

Blue Whale

The blue whale is a sea creature. There are different kinds of whales.

Blue whales are not only the largest sea creature they are also the largest known creature on this planet. The biggest blue whale ever measured was a female,who weigh over 190 tonnes and was 33.5 meters long. Blue whales got their name from their colour.

Blue whales give birth to some of the largest babies in animal world. New born calves are 7 to 8 metres long and can weigh up to 4 tonnes. Blue whales and other whales eat fish. But Blue whale calves drink over 350 liters of fat rich milk gaining up to 90 kilograms.

Unfortunately the blue whale is now one of the earths many endangered species. I hope people look after these blue whales.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Camp Aratika

Last week we went to camp.Our camp was called camp Aratika.Our crew was called Honest crew. First we went to rock climbing. At rock climbing they had new climbing walls they were really tall. I made it up four climbing walls I was soproud of my self. Then we had to sit down for the instructions for the old climbing walls wereheaps of our crew members went. But I didn't wont to go on the old ones so I stayed on the fancy ones .Then it was time to go to one of my favourite activites Skateland I was so excited.

When we got there we listen to the instructions before skated. We all got sent of to go and skate one at a time . We were skating around. Then we heard a weard noise. But it was just time to play a game. It was a littel bit easy because we have played before. The game was like this. You hear three nosies. One means jump the other means tern around. There is one more it means drop on the floor.

when we were playing it was funny because some people were going the wrong way and we were all falling. When we finished we just started skating around. Then we got to play another game I was so excited. The game we played was limbo. It was so fun. Tevita came first in limbo. Straight after that we did races. First it was the girls tern to race. The man said ready steady go. We all went as fast as we could. At the end Hillary came first. Then it was the boys tern they all went very fast. But Tevita Came first. We were all tired.

When we went back to school we did orienteering. We were going round and round in circle. When we finished we ended up with only ten words. After that we went for a swim it was so cool. When we got back we started on our team item our one was a Little bit funny. Then went to go get ready for the movie. I was so excited

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My holiday

In the holidays I went to the beach with my cousins and aunties and uncles. It was so cool. We went to Kaho Bay.
First we went to the playground. It was so cool on the flying fox. My cousin and I really liked it. Then we went for a swim.

After that we played mud fights with this gooey sand in the sea. My cousin Sefa and I had to go against my cousins Athena and Nuu. My cousin got me in the face. It was yucky and gooey so we ran and tried to catch her.

Then my little cousins tried to jump in so we ran to the deep side so that they couldn't play. They told my Nana, so my Nana told us to come back.

Later on we all came out to get something to eat and drink. We ate sandwhiches and drank L&P.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Softball competition

Yesterday during extension group was I was at a softball tournament.
We had five games . We won our first game but  we lost our second game. 
In the third game I was watching. It was so good. At the end of that game we had some lunch because  everyone was very hungry.
We played two more games and we won those. Then we went to find out who came first our pans were sweating.
It was Glen Innes Primary and we came second.
Our coach was very proud of us.