Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CAMP TC!!!!!

I sat on the end of the Dunker asking the instructor “do i really have to do this?” as she replied “yes” I was so tired and couldn’t wait until this activity was over. I was so nervous seeing people try to get me down. After two minutes of waiting I was so glad that we had run out of time. Coming out of the Dunker hearing my team saying “far that’s not fear your the one who told us we had to go “ i just stood there laughing(as usual).

Yes it’s that time of year camp is finally here. Our school camp is an annual event held on our school grounds. This year it was different because it was our first year 7&8 camp ever! I was so excited to see what our new activities were going to be.

My highlight of day 1 at camp was the movie night. The movies were Despicable me,Willow and Toy story 3.I went to Despicable me. My favourite part in the movie is when the little girls get adopted by and evil man and manage to turn him good and become a real family.

It was day 2.Which meant getting ready for the concert. I was so nervous because my group had absolutely nothing for our item. We tried and tried to make something up but it was just no use everyone was playing around and wouldn't listen. Finally our group teacher Miss Tito came to help us. We finally had an item to do.

It was time to perform I was so nervous walking on to the stage everything was going good so far.Until a idea of bringing the teachers up to dance with us didn't really work out. The best part of our concerts was seeing every ones performances.

My highlight of camp was playing with my friends and making new one’s. It was so fun getting to know everyone better and being able to co-operate in my group.

I had a great time!!, if I could change anything it would probably be to listen more so we could actually get our item done. Sadly it was my last year 7&8 camp ever but I cant wait until our year 8 camp!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camp TC

My highlight of camp TC was the Dunker because everyone in my team got wet except for me I was so glad hearing my team(the collaborators) saying “gosh your the one who told me to go on” and me just laughing. The most valuable lesson I learn't at camp was how to co-operate with people I have never worked with before.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to build a Tent

Hammer( Mullet )
45 angle

1.Firstly Unpack the tent and check that all the necessary equipment is in the bag.ie.tent,fly,18 pegs,3 poles,inner tent, base and eyelit.

2. secondly you will need to take out the inner tent and the fly (the fly is wrapped up inside the tent) and then lay it out on the grass.

3.Then take out the 4 pegs that you are using and the poles that are unconnected . Next put any equipment you are not using aside by the bag

4. Grab four of the pegs from the bag. After that grab the hammer and hammer in the pegs into the eyelit, make sure the pegs are on a about a 45 degree angle(so they wont come out). When you are hammering insure that you pull the corners tightly and then hammer them in.
Then repeat this on every corner.

5. Connect the poles then see which two are longer . When you find the two long poles put it over the tent and clip it in on the eyelit. After the poles are over ,tie it to a little string on the apex of the tent.

6. You then put the fly(cover on the outside of the tent)on top of it and make sure you put the door in the right place. When that is finish you insert the last pole in to the front of the tent.

7.When you are finished inserting the pole you have to repeat the way you put it in before and remember to put it back the on a 45 degree angle.

8.Then your tent will be done and ready to sleep in!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Room 20's favourite food

In our class we have been learning about statistics. To see what we can do I have created a form to see what is every ones favourite colour. With the results from the test I have created a graph using an application on google docs.

My graph shows that most people in our class liked purple. I was surprised because i thought blue would be the most popular colour but only 20.7% of our class liked it!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taonga time

We all gathered in the Street(the middle of our Intermediate) to get ready for Toanga time. It was our first time ever having Taonga time their for I didn’t know what to expect everyone was chatting excitedly an you could hardly hear what anyone was saying. Finally the teachers came and helped everyone get organised.

The time had come to go to our Taonga time classes. I was stuck with Mr J in the music room. We all had to make a new project in Garage band(garage band is a computer program which lets you create your own music). We had to add a Bass,strings,guitar and other beats to make a track we had a variety of options to choose from . When we were about to finish up I got really frustrated because my work unexpectedly just disappeared I quickly tried to memorized all of my tracks.

At the end of the session I was so relived that I managed to get my tracks all in the right place. It was fun learning more about music. I had a fantastic time and cant wait to see what Mr J has in store for us next week!

Stop Look and Listen

This term everyone had to make a animation about one of our school Korero's. I have now finished but unfortunately did not met the dead line next time I hope I manage my time on the computer better. My animation is about stop look and listen. Hope you enjoy my clip!