Monday, November 28, 2011

tennis leasons

“Ohhhhh nooo” I said to myself seeing the ball go pass as I could hear Tuipulotu say “haha I am the king I am the king!” as everyone else in the line just couldn’t wait until he lost. Last week on Thursday our class went to our school courts to learn some Tennis skills.    

When we arrived at the courts I was both excited an nervous at the same time. I was nervous because I hadn’t ever played Tennis in my life before but excited because it was something new to learn. Our instructor Marcel introduced himself then it was time   to learn some basic skills.

The first thing we did was all get a racket and ball and line up on one side of the court. Marcel then said to that we had to put our hands in a certain position so that the ball wouldn’t roll down. so we all started hitting the ball up an down to see how much we could get without the ball falling.

“Stop” Marcel said when we he told us to stop we had to hug our rackets so that we wouldn’t be tempted to play with it. Moving on we choose a partner an stood at the opposite sides of the net. My partner was Tamara(my best friend) I throw the ball to her and she would just hit it back.

It was finally time to play Tennis. Everyone separated in to six different lines and started playing a quick game. I was now at the front of the line just waiting until the someone lost. I stood up by the net. Serving the ball trying to act like I was professional then the ball came back over an I completely missed it was so funny but embarrassing  at the same time. On my next turn I actually did quiet well. At the end the winner on our line was Ronald(Classmate).

Playing Tennis for me was a new experience and I really enjoyed it even though at the end of the session I was completely exhausted. I cant wait to learn more about tennis at our next session!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

CAMP! (Willow park)

“LETS GO LETS GO!” my aunty keep shouting “WAIT UP I'M COMING!” I replied as I double checked I had everything. Me and Athena (my cousin) rushing in the car so excited to finally be going camp.

On Monday the 10 of October our riverside club were very lucky to be going to camp at Willow park. When we arrived at the camp we all got our gear out of the bus and the trailer and met in the dining room. Everyone had finally arrived so Mr Burt started talking an telling us the rules. Then it was time for the more exciting part we had to get in to our groups. Our groups name was GWS(girls with swagg).

It was our time for our first activity. It was an activity that would help us get to know the place.
All the teams were given two sheets each on the sheets were the places we had to find and mark on a map. The challenge was extremely hard because no one really knew were to start. But at the end we came 3rd!

At camp I had more than one highlight for the whole camp. I had two one of them was a game called GYOB(get your own back). The game is a way to get all the older leaders back and they can get us. We do this by throwing rotten food,mud dirt and other disgusting stuff. My favourite part of the game was getting mud in our principles face. My low light of this game is when its finish and it takes probably a week to get everything out of your hair!

My second highlight was the disco. After our concert we got to have a disco. It was fun because everyone was actually dancing and laughing. My low light of the disco was that we had to stop at 10pm because of the neighbours but besides from that it was one of the best disco’s i’ve been to.

Going to willow park for the first time I really wasn’t sure if it would be fun our not. But I actually cant wait to go next year. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that organised it and that actually allowed us to have this camp it was a great experience for all of us!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

explain ready

This term we are learning about space. Each person in our class were given a word to be explained ready with. Me and Tamara got asteroid here is what we did on a presentation application on our google docs.

Friday, November 4, 2011

MI test

In class everyone had to do an MI test(Multiple Intelligence test). This is a survey that show you what smarts you are good at and not so good at. My results show that my strongest smart is music smart. But the thing I need to work on is my number smart!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Cousin!

My cousin Athena. She always has her bushy hair tied in a bun, She is tall and loves to tease me about being short. One thing that is kind of embarrassing for me is that she loves to wear her socks and Jandals. If it wasn't for my Nana she would properly live in them.

The most annoying thing about my cousin is that she is very loud. Even when your right next to her its like shes screaming at you.  Another thing that I don't like about her is that she loves to sleep every morning and I have to wake her up to tell her to get ready.

One of her favourite hobbies are rugby. The thing she likes most about rugby is that we get to tackle people. She also loves to EAT! Even when shes not hungry she will eat it like she cant stop. One of the only things we have in common is that were always laughing even when a joke is dry we laugh! we practically laugh at anything.

We always get in trouble when we argue.I always tease her and she always hits me. “Are you stupid” are one of my nana’s most common sentences.  She always says that to us to make us keep quiet but it just makes us laugh.

Even though we may argue and tease each other we are still family and are more like sisters than cousins!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A day outside!

“Hurry up Hurry up!” most of my team kept on saying with Tamara(my friend) shouting at the back saying “don’t squeeze the sponge you might waste the water!”. I ran to the next bucket nearly slipping along the way. Yes I thought to myself as  I quickly put the sponge in the bucket and passed it on over my head.

Last week on Tuesday our Intermediate block all walked down to the bottom field to play some silly games. If your thinking what do I mean by  silly games? well our four senior teachers set up four totally different games. Every 15 Minutes our teams would swap. If your asking why did we do this?  It was just to go outside and have fun for a change.

Out of all the silly games we did my favourite was Tiggy with Ms Langitupu(one of our senior teachers). It wasn’t like normal Tiggy it was kind of like ball Tiggy but different. We had to keep within the cones and weren’t aloud to move if we had the ball so this game required a lot of team work.  

When we started  playing Tiggy  I was quite confused.  Kalim(one of my team members)passed the ball to me  I looked right then left but didn’t know what to do. I asked “What are we surppose to do?” He replied “pass it I quickly passed it and started running around like I actually knew what I was doing when in fact I didn’t. The reason this was my favourite game is because although i didn’t know what i was doing it was funny seeing  people pretend like they didn’t get out.

At the end of all our silly games I was soaked because Tuipulotu(someone in my class) thought it would be funny to throw a whole bucket of water on me. If were where to do the silly games again I would wont to try my hardest to win at least one of the games. But at the end of the day everyone had fun and enjoyed it. I cant wait until we play next time!

Maths whizz

In our  maths classes we have been using a program called Maths Whizz. We all try to go on at least 20 minutes a day so that it can improve our maths. It is also good for our teachers because they can see our results and how well were doing. The picture at the top shows my results and how I have been doing I hope to get better by the end of the year.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

South African flag

We had to research about a flag and see what it means I got given South Africa. Here are the meanings of the colours.
Yellow-On the flag is a symbol of generosity.
White-Stands for peace,honesty and the Europeans people.
Red-Represents hardiness,bravery and strength.
Blue- Stands for truth,loyalty,perseverance and the blue open skies.
Green-Represents hope,land and joy.
Black-Determination and the black population.

A presentation on New Zealand

My group and I have been working on a presentation about our country New Zealand.I hope that by reading our(people  in my group Seini-mino and Tamara) presentation you will at least  learn one thing about New Zealand.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Favourites Poem

I love standing still on the sandy shores of Samoa.
My favourite time of the day is when we get to play and hang out with my mates.
Tamara is my best friend shes with me till the end.
I love the soothing sound of soft music.
The colour is blue its not to bright but just right.

Friday, August 19, 2011


In our class we are learning about probability. The picture here shows what we have been doing and it explains how to show the probability using a fraction.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My highlights of this term

My highlight of this term has been having Ms M on Wednesday because we get to do art and learn about famous artist. My personal achievement of this term has been playing rugby 7's and getting a try.

I am really excited to see what our theme for next term will be and who our next rugby game will be against.

Working with Ms M

Every Wednesday a teacher named Miss M comes and takes our class. This term our main focus has been about art. We have been learning about a famous Samoan artist named Fatu Feu’u.

We began by finding out about Fatu Feu’u. I found out that he was born in 1946 in a village called Poutasi Felealii. He went to Apia Samoa College and moved to New Zealand to study art in 1966. He also holds both a Ali’i title and a Tulafale title.

Then we started looking at his art work. We took inspiration from it and used some of his design. The first painting we did some research on was called ‘Conserve for Tomorrow’. But my favourite painting I saw was ‘Pacific Conference’. I took the picture and tried to make it into my own.

Creating our drawing was the easy part.We had to draw four designs and chose the best. I finally finished my design but it unfortunately it was missing so I had to use the stencil to finish off Ieremus’s drawing. Three Wednesdays had gone by and I had finally finished off the picture. I was very pleased with the final outcome.

It has been both fun and exciting learning about these artist and taking inspiration from their drawings. I hope that next term when we move on to another task it would be even better than this!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

history of the camera

This week our class was given a task to research about anything having to do with technology that has developed over time and is now useful to a lot of people. I decided to do research on the camera.

I have discovered that John Strognofe was the inventor of the first camera. He was born on the 15Th of April in 1481 and he invented the first camera 1685.The invention was created in USA. He created it so that he could capture an event in time.

Today cameras have developed a lot sense then cameras have become more and more advanced. Know they are portable and last longer. They also have better mega pixel and the pictures know have colours.

It was really hard researching about cameras because it tells you a lot of different answers. But luckily I eventually found and answer I hope that you have learnt something about cameras by reading my post!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Our tessellation

Everyone in our class had to design a tessellation. It took us a while to even figure out what a tessellation was. Me and Tamara finally worked together to finish it and this was my final product.

rugby training

Last week when all of the rugby girls gathered on our main field for our training. Unfortunately I had forgotten my training clothes. The exciting thing was that we were going to find out who was in the sevens team. Crossing my fingers I finally heard my name I was so happy!

It was time to start our training Bobbi and Miss Lagitupu(our coach’s) split us into two groups which were forwards and backs. The main part of rugby we are focusing on is tackling and quick passing. The technique we are learning for tackling is check to check.My favourite part of rugby is tackling and getting the ball.

It was the exciting part of our training we got to play a game. Unfortanetly the other team scored and easy try and then another. Our team started to get really frustrated. It was our turn with the ball we passed it down the line and it finally got to me. I started to run and when I was nearly at the try line when I got tackled. The other team got the ball at other people in my team started to really get in to tackling.

It was time to finish up I was so exhausted. Our team lost 0-3 but hopefully next time will be different. I cant wait until our next game.

My Goal!

Our class was given a task to create a stack on Hyperstudio to show our goals. I did an outside and inside goal. Unfortunately i did not complete it with in the deadline. Next time I hope I manage my time better.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fatu Feu'u

Today we have been researching about a Samoan artist named Fatu Feu’u. We have taken one of his painting and tried to turn it in to our own. I drew and observed on his paining named Pacific conference. I had finish my drawing but unfortunately it has disappeared some how. I hope I will find it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our egg drop challenge

Room 20 were given a co-operative challenge to complete.It was an egg drop. We were a limited amount of resources they were 8 ice block sticks,a strip of cello tape,10 straws and obviously a egg. In my team was Tamara and Kalim.

Our team was thinking of a unbreakable design so Kalim started to make a plan. Eventually we got up to the part of making it. We built a barrier around the egg using the sticks and straws so that it would absorb its impact. Then we used the tape to make it all stick together.

We had finally completed the task. Our egg was ready to be dropped. Kalim stood in front of the tarpaulin. When it dropped we quickly went to check if it had made it. We were all excited when we saw that our egg had survived. Our end result was really good and I hope next time it can be even better.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interior angles of a triangle!

I found out that the interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees.We also discovered that if you were to draw a completely different triangle it would still add up to 180 degrees!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My holiday at China!!!

Ready set go hearing my mum shout out “I’m gonna beat you!” racing down the track as fast as I could hoping I wouldn't crash into anything. The race had finished I had came in 3rd place I shouted out “Yay” laughing at my mum because she came 2nd to last.

These holidays I was lucky enough to go to China. We arrived at China at 8:42 it was the most tyring trip ever being stuck on a plane for 12 hours. I was so excited to finally see my little brother and sister.

Arriving home I was so exhausted crashing out on the couch. Waking up in the morning it was 1time to explore china. The first place we went was to see the ruins of St.Pauls. The scariest thing that I saw was all of the past Priests’ bones they were inside loads of glass boxes. It was one of the most exciting I saw!

My highlight of my holiday was going to the biggest wave pool in the world. It was funny because I was diving into the waves and the lifeguard thought I was drowning!He asked me “Are you alright?” Then I just started laughing. It was one of the best swimming pools I have ever seen.

Going to China was so exciting and was the best trip I have been on. I cant wait to go again!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

School picnic!

Lying down thinking what should I do watching everyone around me playing sports. It was a beautiful day the sun was shining and everyone seemed to be having fun.But still I did not know what to do.

It was a normal Friday with one exception it was that time of the year for a school picnic. When I arrived at our school everyone was fulled with excitement. We rushed into our class lines and got ready to go to the Pt England reserve.

When we arrived Mr Burt told us the instructions. Then we were free to do what ever we liked.

Me and a couple of friends decided to just relax under a tree. It was early into the day when I decided to just sit down and relax under a tree. I was almost asleep until someone thought it would be funny to poor cold water on my foot. I was so annoyed but couldn't be bothered to do anything about it.

The highlight of my day was getting to catch up with friends. I also enjoyed not having to do work for the whole day.

Over all my day wasn’t to bad. If I could change anything I would probably choose to get involved in some activities instead of just sitting down.It so sad to say its my last Pt.England school picnic ever and hope all is well for next year.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank you Bobbie

Dear Bobbie W
I would like to say a huge thank you for helping out at camp. It was a big help to us. I had a great time talking to you while peeling the potatoes. The delicious Hangi wouldn't be possible without your help.

I would like to say another huge Thank you.Camp was a blast and I hope you will be able to come help next year!!

From Bobbi-Grace

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CAMP TC!!!!!

I sat on the end of the Dunker asking the instructor “do i really have to do this?” as she replied “yes” I was so tired and couldn’t wait until this activity was over. I was so nervous seeing people try to get me down. After two minutes of waiting I was so glad that we had run out of time. Coming out of the Dunker hearing my team saying “far that’s not fear your the one who told us we had to go “ i just stood there laughing(as usual).

Yes it’s that time of year camp is finally here. Our school camp is an annual event held on our school grounds. This year it was different because it was our first year 7&8 camp ever! I was so excited to see what our new activities were going to be.

My highlight of day 1 at camp was the movie night. The movies were Despicable me,Willow and Toy story 3.I went to Despicable me. My favourite part in the movie is when the little girls get adopted by and evil man and manage to turn him good and become a real family.

It was day 2.Which meant getting ready for the concert. I was so nervous because my group had absolutely nothing for our item. We tried and tried to make something up but it was just no use everyone was playing around and wouldn't listen. Finally our group teacher Miss Tito came to help us. We finally had an item to do.

It was time to perform I was so nervous walking on to the stage everything was going good so far.Until a idea of bringing the teachers up to dance with us didn't really work out. The best part of our concerts was seeing every ones performances.

My highlight of camp was playing with my friends and making new one’s. It was so fun getting to know everyone better and being able to co-operate in my group.

I had a great time!!, if I could change anything it would probably be to listen more so we could actually get our item done. Sadly it was my last year 7&8 camp ever but I cant wait until our year 8 camp!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camp TC

My highlight of camp TC was the Dunker because everyone in my team got wet except for me I was so glad hearing my team(the collaborators) saying “gosh your the one who told me to go on” and me just laughing. The most valuable lesson I learn't at camp was how to co-operate with people I have never worked with before.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to build a Tent

Hammer( Mullet )
45 angle

1.Firstly Unpack the tent and check that all the necessary equipment is in the,fly,18 pegs,3 poles,inner tent, base and eyelit.

2. secondly you will need to take out the inner tent and the fly (the fly is wrapped up inside the tent) and then lay it out on the grass.

3.Then take out the 4 pegs that you are using and the poles that are unconnected . Next put any equipment you are not using aside by the bag

4. Grab four of the pegs from the bag. After that grab the hammer and hammer in the pegs into the eyelit, make sure the pegs are on a about a 45 degree angle(so they wont come out). When you are hammering insure that you pull the corners tightly and then hammer them in.
Then repeat this on every corner.

5. Connect the poles then see which two are longer . When you find the two long poles put it over the tent and clip it in on the eyelit. After the poles are over ,tie it to a little string on the apex of the tent.

6. You then put the fly(cover on the outside of the tent)on top of it and make sure you put the door in the right place. When that is finish you insert the last pole in to the front of the tent.

7.When you are finished inserting the pole you have to repeat the way you put it in before and remember to put it back the on a 45 degree angle.

8.Then your tent will be done and ready to sleep in!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Room 20's favourite food

In our class we have been learning about statistics. To see what we can do I have created a form to see what is every ones favourite colour. With the results from the test I have created a graph using an application on google docs.

My graph shows that most people in our class liked purple. I was surprised because i thought blue would be the most popular colour but only 20.7% of our class liked it!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taonga time

We all gathered in the Street(the middle of our Intermediate) to get ready for Toanga time. It was our first time ever having Taonga time their for I didn’t know what to expect everyone was chatting excitedly an you could hardly hear what anyone was saying. Finally the teachers came and helped everyone get organised.

The time had come to go to our Taonga time classes. I was stuck with Mr J in the music room. We all had to make a new project in Garage band(garage band is a computer program which lets you create your own music). We had to add a Bass,strings,guitar and other beats to make a track we had a variety of options to choose from . When we were about to finish up I got really frustrated because my work unexpectedly just disappeared I quickly tried to memorized all of my tracks.

At the end of the session I was so relived that I managed to get my tracks all in the right place. It was fun learning more about music. I had a fantastic time and cant wait to see what Mr J has in store for us next week!

Stop Look and Listen

This term everyone had to make a animation about one of our school Korero's. I have now finished but unfortunately did not met the dead line next time I hope I manage my time on the computer better. My animation is about stop look and listen. Hope you enjoy my clip!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A disastrous tragedy

On Tuesday a horrible tragedy occurred in Christchurch. People are terrified due to the Earthquake. Building's have been demolished and lives have been lost. Everyone around New Zealand is shocked by this unexpected event and are waiting to hear from family members.

I hope that everyone will hear from there families that they are all safe and that over time the aftershocks will stop and they can start repairing. I am so glad that it didn’t happen in Auckland and hope it never does!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A trip to the movies

Jumping out of bed so tired I struggled to stay up. It was time to go to the movies with my family. I was racing trying to get ready as my cousin kept on saying “hurry up Bobbi!”. I was finally ready taking a deep breath as I ran to the bus stop, amazed that we even made it there in time.

We arrived at the movies looking at the session times. Previously we had seen adds of a movie called Tangled it looked funny so we all agreed to watch it . It was about a princess named Rapunzel shes was kidnapped by an evil lady that raised as her as her own but only wanted her because of her magical hair that could heal people and even make them younger!! I was amazed when I saw her hair glow!!. At the end the evil lady dies and Rapunzel lives happily ever after with her parents and ends up getting married.

At the end of the day I was amazed at how great the movie. If i had to rate the it out of ten I would give it a eight. I had a great time and I hope they make a part two!

This year our school has been so lucky that we have received brand new Netbooks. When we first arrived a school everyone was so excited to finally be getting these amazing devices. We all explored our Applications to see how everything worked. Me and my friend took a picture to see how good our webcam is .I cant wait until we finally get to take these devices home!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who put there time and hard effort in to getting the Netbooks for us!!