Monday, November 28, 2011

tennis leasons

“Ohhhhh nooo” I said to myself seeing the ball go pass as I could hear Tuipulotu say “haha I am the king I am the king!” as everyone else in the line just couldn’t wait until he lost. Last week on Thursday our class went to our school courts to learn some Tennis skills.    

When we arrived at the courts I was both excited an nervous at the same time. I was nervous because I hadn’t ever played Tennis in my life before but excited because it was something new to learn. Our instructor Marcel introduced himself then it was time   to learn some basic skills.

The first thing we did was all get a racket and ball and line up on one side of the court. Marcel then said to that we had to put our hands in a certain position so that the ball wouldn’t roll down. so we all started hitting the ball up an down to see how much we could get without the ball falling.

“Stop” Marcel said when we he told us to stop we had to hug our rackets so that we wouldn’t be tempted to play with it. Moving on we choose a partner an stood at the opposite sides of the net. My partner was Tamara(my best friend) I throw the ball to her and she would just hit it back.

It was finally time to play Tennis. Everyone separated in to six different lines and started playing a quick game. I was now at the front of the line just waiting until the someone lost. I stood up by the net. Serving the ball trying to act like I was professional then the ball came back over an I completely missed it was so funny but embarrassing  at the same time. On my next turn I actually did quiet well. At the end the winner on our line was Ronald(Classmate).

Playing Tennis for me was a new experience and I really enjoyed it even though at the end of the session I was completely exhausted. I cant wait to learn more about tennis at our next session!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

CAMP! (Willow park)

“LETS GO LETS GO!” my aunty keep shouting “WAIT UP I'M COMING!” I replied as I double checked I had everything. Me and Athena (my cousin) rushing in the car so excited to finally be going camp.

On Monday the 10 of October our riverside club were very lucky to be going to camp at Willow park. When we arrived at the camp we all got our gear out of the bus and the trailer and met in the dining room. Everyone had finally arrived so Mr Burt started talking an telling us the rules. Then it was time for the more exciting part we had to get in to our groups. Our groups name was GWS(girls with swagg).

It was our time for our first activity. It was an activity that would help us get to know the place.
All the teams were given two sheets each on the sheets were the places we had to find and mark on a map. The challenge was extremely hard because no one really knew were to start. But at the end we came 3rd!

At camp I had more than one highlight for the whole camp. I had two one of them was a game called GYOB(get your own back). The game is a way to get all the older leaders back and they can get us. We do this by throwing rotten food,mud dirt and other disgusting stuff. My favourite part of the game was getting mud in our principles face. My low light of this game is when its finish and it takes probably a week to get everything out of your hair!

My second highlight was the disco. After our concert we got to have a disco. It was fun because everyone was actually dancing and laughing. My low light of the disco was that we had to stop at 10pm because of the neighbours but besides from that it was one of the best disco’s i’ve been to.

Going to willow park for the first time I really wasn’t sure if it would be fun our not. But I actually cant wait to go next year. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that organised it and that actually allowed us to have this camp it was a great experience for all of us!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

explain ready

This term we are learning about space. Each person in our class were given a word to be explained ready with. Me and Tamara got asteroid here is what we did on a presentation application on our google docs.

Friday, November 4, 2011

MI test

In class everyone had to do an MI test(Multiple Intelligence test). This is a survey that show you what smarts you are good at and not so good at. My results show that my strongest smart is music smart. But the thing I need to work on is my number smart!