Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A day outside!

“Hurry up Hurry up!” most of my team kept on saying with Tamara(my friend) shouting at the back saying “don’t squeeze the sponge you might waste the water!”. I ran to the next bucket nearly slipping along the way. Yes I thought to myself as  I quickly put the sponge in the bucket and passed it on over my head.

Last week on Tuesday our Intermediate block all walked down to the bottom field to play some silly games. If your thinking what do I mean by  silly games? well our four senior teachers set up four totally different games. Every 15 Minutes our teams would swap. If your asking why did we do this?  It was just to go outside and have fun for a change.

Out of all the silly games we did my favourite was Tiggy with Ms Langitupu(one of our senior teachers). It wasn’t like normal Tiggy it was kind of like ball Tiggy but different. We had to keep within the cones and weren’t aloud to move if we had the ball so this game required a lot of team work.  

When we started  playing Tiggy  I was quite confused.  Kalim(one of my team members)passed the ball to me  I looked right then left but didn’t know what to do. I asked “What are we surppose to do?” He replied “pass it I quickly passed it and started running around like I actually knew what I was doing when in fact I didn’t. The reason this was my favourite game is because although i didn’t know what i was doing it was funny seeing  people pretend like they didn’t get out.

At the end of all our silly games I was soaked because Tuipulotu(someone in my class) thought it would be funny to throw a whole bucket of water on me. If were where to do the silly games again I would wont to try my hardest to win at least one of the games. But at the end of the day everyone had fun and enjoyed it. I cant wait until we play next time!

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